Logos are one of the most recognizable features that outwardly represent your company.  A logo represents everything that your company stands for and is the first thing that a customer notices. First impressions are one of the most important moments for your business, and a logo is how you can create a lasting one. So, let’s dive into some more reasons as to why they are so important for your brand’s foundation. 

1. Your Logo is the main foundation of your brand 

Your logo has the capability to show off what your brand is made of. You are able to tell your brand’s story with a simple image. The foundation of your brand is important, and this is the main and immediate way to show off to your customers what your brand is made of. 

2. Logos Grab Immediate Attention 

A logo is a visual representation that can catch the viewer’s eye. Often we notice pictures before we notice words, and with a logo, you can catch immediate attention. Studies have shown that it takes only 13 milliseconds for the human brain to process an image. This is faster than we can imagine, and it is important that we capture our customer’s attention as fast as possible. 

3. Logos can create brand recognition 

One of the most important elements of building a successful business is brand recognition. A customer being able to recognize your brand out of a crowd is an important aspect. Studies have shown that 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo.  This is something that a logo can create. The ability to get your brand recognized will put you far ahead of your competition. 

4. Separates you from your Competitor 

A unique logo can easily create brand recognition, but can also separate you from your competition. There might be multiple businesses similar to yours, but your logo can show how you are different. It can provide a lasting image that separates you from everyone else. It is a way you can create a visual image that separates yourself from your competitor.

5. Professionalism 

A strong logo is a great way to show how your brand has a strong presence, and something that a lot of hard work has been put into. A professional logo creates a mature presence for your customers and shows the time and energy your brand has taken to stand out. Having a professional logo can also allow you to add that extra touch your company needs. Something that you can put on everything brand-related to show your brand goes that extra mile. 

Ready to create a lasting first impression and have the power to consistently get your brand recognized? Well, the Branding Iron team would love to help you get started on creating a logo that is perfect for your company and can create a great brand foundation. We have years of experience in custom logo creation. So whether it is starting from scratch, or making sure your current logo is up to par, we would love to help you. Give us a call today!