Display, Retargeting, and Geofencing Services

Geofencing allows retailers to gain real-time insights into consumers’ behavior and places where they are most likely to participate in certain activities. With measurement never before available, Geofencing now allows us to tell you

  1. The organic traffic before advertising
  2. How many people see your ads
  3. How many people physically walked into your business after seeing your ads
  4. What percentage of lift over organic traffic does your business receive due to your investment. 

Boost mobile marketing performance by targeting specific locations with pinpoint accuracy. With geofencing, prospects will be served your ads after entering a Target Zone and can be traced back to a Conversion Zone.


Retargeting much like Geofencing tags every person that visits your website for future ads. It then follows them around the web serving ads to remind them to return to your site to continue the shopping experience. This tool is powerfully effective when you know the sales cycle is long and your customers are doing large samples of online research prior to their decision. When combined with Geofencing you can increase the frequency people see ads as they enter more conversion zones.

One of the most exciting new developments allows Display, Retargeting, and Geofencing to be combined with other forms of advertising. We can now use these tools to show conversions from OTT streaming video views to websites and brick-and-mortar locations as well.

Benefits of Geofencing

  • Brand Recognition

  • Hyper Targeted to your Demo

  • Conquest the Competition

  • Complements Other Marketing Strategies

  • Easily Measurable to Define Success

  • Very Affordable CPM


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