The term “streaming” is used frequently in this day in age, but, what exactly is streaming? Streaming is the transmission of audio or video files from a server straight to a client via the Internet. Streaming refers to the delivery method instead of the content itself. Some examples of streaming are Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Spotify, HBO Max, and Peacock. Streaming ads feel exactly like commercials on broadcast TV to the end user.   Streaming video consumption for the first time in history surpassed Broadcast, Cable, and satellite delivery combined before COVID and proceeded to nearly triple in the years since. But, why should you advertise on a streaming service? Let’s take a look at some reasons below. 

Large Platform 

Streaming takes place on a larger platform. It is not just limited to a local region. Netflix for example, can be watched virtually anywhere. This creates the ability for your advertisement to be seen anywhere by anyone. Netflix has around 238.39 million paid subscribers. That is a lot of audience to be able to reach all at once. 


Streaming can be considerably more cost-effective than other forms of broadcast delivery. In a small market, the savings come from targeting and only delivering a message to an audience that is desired and defined by demographics, geographics, and psychographics. You can save money by eliminating waste. But in large markets, we’re often broadcast can be cost-prohibitive. It’s possible to target only the area where your business is located. This means that instead of reaching the 10 million people who live in Houston and having to pay for every one of them, you can focus your message on only the Consumers that fit your target profile. This elimination of waste can literally save you thousands of dollars.

Content Engagement 

One of the benefits of advertising on streaming platforms is content engagement. For example, when someone goes to stream, it is a high chance that what they are viewing is something that they are interested in. It also could be one of their favorite shows or songs. This means that the audience is engaged with what they are watching. They are interested in what they are about to view or hear because they specifically picked it out. For example, Hulu just released their newest season of The Bachelor, called, The Golden Bachelor,  which received 7.7 million views after only three days of being able to stream on Hulu. Now, this was a three-year high for the franchise, and that is because everyone who streamed it wanted to check it out and the public continued to stay engaged, driving that number up. When you have an audience that is engaged like this, they are also more likely to be engaged in the ads that are run during what they have chosen. So, when you advertise on a streaming platform, you get a more engaged audience since they have specifically picked out what they want.

Specific Targeting 

Specific targeting is a pro to getting on a streaming service. Specific targeting includes things like demographics, psychographics, and geographics. We are able to target things included in these categories like home ownership, home value, age, sex, geographic region, ZIP code, and much more. We have the ability to define a specific target, and only deliver messages to that target. With streaming, you can select an audience and create content that is tailored to just them. This also eliminates waste and can reduce the overall cost of the advertising investment. With advertising on a streaming service, you as the advertiser can specifically target certain clients and pique their interest. 

Streaming is becoming increasingly a part of our daily lives, so it is necessary to keep up with the trend and appeal to customers in this popular way. Advertising on streaming services allows you to expand to a larger audience and has the ability to specifically relate to them. Are you ready to see the power of advertising work for your company on your favorite streaming platform? Well, at Branding Iron, we would love to get you started today. Give us a call and let us make the magic of streaming advertising happen for you.