Radio is often underestimated when it comes to its relevancy. It is often asked, “Is radio even relevant anymore?” and the answer to this is without a doubt, “YES!” Radio can be thought of in two different ways, traditional, FM/AM, or streaming on something like Spotify. Although these are two different types, they still both hold the same amount of relevancy. Radio is one of the key pieces to a successful marketing campaign because of how strong its importance is. So, let’s look at some reason as to why it is still relevant. 


Is music still relevant? The answer to this is obviously yes, and with music comes advertisements. All ages love music and enjoy listening to radio or streaming. Music is often played in every building or place you walk into, and most of the time music is on without you even realizing it. Studies have shown that the average person listens to music 20.1 hours a week. That is almost an entire day’s worth of straight audio. This is a prime reason radio is still relevant because music is more relevant than ever before. With this much music and radio being consumed, that is part of the reason why advertisements on the radio are more important than ever. 

Now, within the past decade, we have had the rise of digital radio such as Pandora and Spotify. While these are a popular way to listen to music, these don’t have the same local feel as the local broadcast stations. These platforms lack information like the weather, news, and traffic updates. Although, it is worth noting that music consumption has increased majorly with digital radio.


A benefit of radio is the frequency of what can be played. Meaning, that businesses can run their advertisements as much as they see fit. Studies have shown that we need to hear something 7 to 13 times in order to create brand recognition in your client’s memory. With radio, you have the control over audience recognition and how much your voice gets heard. 

Local Communities

Local radio can be a community’s prime source of information. Because of this, radio is able to support local events and small businesses. The radio host also is able to connect with their local audience to build credibility. Radio host can promote an advertisement and offer their valued opinion on it. Because of all radio has to offer local communities, it only boasts its relevancy. 


Not having to worry about a picture that goes along with an advertisement significantly lowers the cost of advertising on the radio. Also, more people have access to the radio since it is free. On both ends of the cost side, it is cheaper to advertise on the radio than on other platforms, and it is available to a wider audience since it is free for them. This is a major part of a radio’s relevancy, considering its affordability. 


A major benefit that comes with local radio is trust. People are able to trust a message that comes from local talent that they recognize and feel like they have gotten to know over time tuning in. The radio host is able to build credibility with the listener, and since broadcast radio is local, the host is able to relate to the listener better. This could be sharing local recommendations that the listener recognizes and can share a common interest in. This all can lead to credibility for the advertisers that choose local radio. 


Lastly, and one of the best parts, is how covenant radio is. Radio is portable and can be taken almost anywhere. Between radio in your car, and now available to stream on your phone, you are only a couple of seconds away from being connected to something huge. Tunning in is all it takes nowadays to be connected to a larger audience. This convenience is an awesome way to have the ability for your ad to be taken anywhere. The sheer convenience of radio being portable plays a major part of its relevance that just can’t be replaced. 

Now, because of the popularity of music, control, community connection, cost, and convince, radio holds key elements that you just can’t get from anything else. Its relevance is something that is underestimated but will ultimately never go out of style. Ready to experience the power for yourself? Branding Iron is ready to help you jump-start getting your business on the air. Give us a call today.